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Offering valuable industry information to the construction community. Providing the tools and resources to assist our members in growth and proficiency. VBE is committed to keeping you relevant as well as building long-term relationships with fellow industry partners.

Providing resources and services that might be difficult to obtain on an individual basis. For consumers VBE offers referral to licensed contractors and construction professionals. Selecting a VBE member helps ensure the project is completed correctly, on time and on budget by providing certified and licensed professionals in the industry. So many more benefits available to members, contractors, vendors and community partners.

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Planning a new project in the Central Valley is an exciting opportunity. However, reaching all the great general contractors can be challenging. One phone call to the Valley Builders Exchange (VBE) made our project seem simple. The VBE staff walked me through the pre-bid conference process reaching over 400 potential builders via their PlanRoom! The process provided the Central Valley PACT Center the opportunity to connect with many general contractors. It’s great to be well connected with VBE!
Lourdes Uranday

Executive Director

Central Valley PACT Center

I've been a member of the Valley Builders Exchange for nearly thirty years. Due to technology, their services have changed a fair bit over that time, however, one thing that's remained constant is there undying commitment to provide the best possible service to their members. I can't imagine doing business without the help of the wonderful staff at the Valley Builders Exchange.
Charlie Menghetti


Menghetti Construction, Inc.

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